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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  July 1, 2011 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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"they had zip ties really tight, the guys wrrsts were bleeding, a home invasion shatterssthe peace inside a federal hill the people living their say they su. survivvd. an agency under fire.. fire.. "thats a clear violation of state ethics laws...." they way oor tax dollars arr being misused.. misused.. getting rrady for the fourth. the best spots that are already being staked out for the celebrations. celebbaaioos. 3 plus, the liberty libations are going to cost you more this year. how the new alcohol ttx will impactt -------------------------------- 3 hello, i'm karen parks, jeff
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barnd is off tonight. for the second time this week...police are lookinn for a ggoup of men....who are pretending to be police, a young couple was tied up in their federal hill home. home. janice park is live there...with more on this disturbing pattern that has janice?we spoke with this young couple...who say they are áso shakkn by this whole experience...they asked us to teel us the reason they did they saw the news report use - monday...where a man was shot pnvasion....and they beeieve this s the reason they're safe tonight. tonight. it's all quiee on elkins lane...children play in the street.but a couple in their 20's say they'reestill shaken...from what happened...early thissmorning: "the young couple sayssit wws around 3 am, when three men wearing pooice t shirts used a crowbarrto pry open the door, then they kicked ii in"the
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couple sayy the three men...shining baltimore city police...then tied them up with zip ies. they ransacked the they hit te young man and pointed whaa felt like a gun to hii head: head:"you ust do what they say, you get on the ground, put your hands there, if they tell you to shut up, you shut up, and it's scary and you don't know what's goinn to happen, buu it's ay better than to struggle and i kkow from personal experienne and that's why i'm still here"the couple believes ánot fightinn back...saved their lives: lives:"i said yes sir, yee offfcer, yes to this and that, they had my mouth gggged and they had nikes on and they weren't uited police officers" the robbers left withouu really taking much.lindsay george says she aad a feww friends were coming home from the bars...when she saw her two neighbors...tied her:"they had zip ties really tight, the guys wriits weee bleeding, tte girl says they
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were tepping on herrface and asking where things were in the house"george says what happened here on elkins lane...means er trust, will now have to be earnnd: earned:"before i woull talk to &pcops on the corner and tell them to tell people not to sit on my stop, but now if it'' the middle of the night and nothing is going on, i'll be like is this someone trying to break into my houus?" police say thhy are stillllooking for the suspectss from today's home invasion and the ssmilar one that appennd in federal hill, jannce park fox 45 news at ten. violence in south baltimmre today --- as police now investigate 3 shootings in hours.the first --- a 19 year here on outh caree street near james streee. it happpned just before 0 a-m this morning. an hour later --- police were
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called to winwooddcourt and spelman road ---- wheee another man was found shot in the leg. he was ttken to a local hospital.he is expecttd to survive. the third shooting happened just after 11 a-m.police discovered a an shot here on ostend and carroll streets.he pssin stableecondition tonighh. nn word yet --- if police are investigating. . 3 p3 we have a developing story out of south baltimore. tonight, police havv pulled a body out of the water. it happened at 380 south hanover street near the hanover street bridge around 6 pm. they found a mann floattng about 100 yards west near the baltimore rowing club. police haven't been able say there are early reports that this may have been a the an jumped from the bridge. the investigation s ongoing. one child is shot by as kathleen cairns reeoots .. -
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tonight, policc are now trring to figure ut how the five loaded weapoo. 3 it began when a 5 year old playground. police say he mistakenly pulled the trigger.. a 4 year old frieed.. was shot, the pullet narrowly missed his heart . (-naa pop--ebonyy webb"it went right her and went out back of his shouuder") ebbny webb says she was there when the wounded 4 year old called 911 and helped clean police say after shooting. they ffund the bby who pulled the trigger andtte gun he used in his families apartment. ((police sot ))the young went to childrens hospitall where police say his injuries
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meanwhile, police are puestioning the shooter's parrnts:and say this terrible accident shouldserve as a reminder:(police soo)(make sure you prooerly store guns) kc fox 45 news at 10 3& police are still looking in to how the kids goo &pahold f the guns and who own ttem. baltimore city police have arrested a man --- in the earlier ttis week. week.wwlliam carr is accused of shooting and killing 55 year old chong yim during a happened outside this shopping centerron erdman avenue ttesday. carr as released from prison a yearr ago after a 20 year sentence for armed robbery and assault. we can help you track criminal aativity in your neighborhood. gooto fox baltimore dot com and sign up for "spot crime." we'll send you e-mail alerts every time a major crimee happens in your area. 3 n area once identiffed as
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regained hat reputation. earlier thii week, the northeastern became bbllimmre's deadliest district. last night a husband and wife fell victim...the crime committed......involved property damage. crime and justice reporter joo leeola teels us they waited hours for help .... thattnever arrived... arrived... ((pkg)) a night t theeo's game.10:33:08 they lost it was not good game not one of their bbtter ones. the bbggest shame howevvr came llter heree along hillen. when a group of teensstook aim.(throwing ref we passeddthem there were a punch of rocks that hit the car. a powerful force that cracked the wiiddhield.stand up 12:32:44 it's here infront of this store where bradon and his wife ulled over it was 10:28 at 12 :45 two nd half hours later they left and still had not heard from police. (brandon) 10:38:31 we were stunned we were frustrated we couldn't believe it's no ody is trying to help us were juss sitting out heree like loneeducks.(stephen)
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10::9:55 now that's unacceptable.butt bites (sttphen))1:31:05 because it's not so much i had an my property was damaged i was vandaliseddwhich is a crime :15 stephen jefferson used to pive in the northeastern. he 11:27:38 there's been an increasee n drugs violence and alcoholism. a hot spot for crime... especially murders. (tony) 11:45:10 quality of at the enddofftteedaa we need to make ssre people in the city are safe a shift change that occured 90 minutes after raadon's initial call created the confustion in ttis case.(brandon) 10:36:37 they had a shift change at midnight so my first call that we put in at 10:30 wws on the shhft whicc i understand however my - second and third call because of the shift change i guess got re--riortized.(anthony) 11:43:52 what'ssevee more frustraing and a real threat based on the need for service. 3 stephen learned about
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policeepriority's as well. an accident i was on my ay in parishaners and had an accident asi was turning about we wanted toosee first hand just how ong it would ttke n a frrday affernoon for police to respond to this accident. 11:49:34 don't be in the ppocess of being murdered an hour passed... beffre help arrived. then the officer was more interested in finding out about s than the accident. ááá((nat pop of hii walking across streee))11:46:32 ( anthony) the pd handles 1.2 every yeaa. in northeast baltimore joy lepooa fox 45 news at ten. there's a real coocern that if criminals are alllwed to get away with small crimes... eventually those criies will become more dangerous in nature. opponents of maryland's dream act ssbmitted their final collection of signatures --- putting the law on hold. hold.thhy've collected more signatures ---- making the 132-thousand.petitioners want
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to oveeturn the law allowing &i discounted in-state tuition rate at maryland colleges. "the people of marylann have spoken and they're going to win on this petttion ddive and they're going to win n this reeerenddm in novembbr 2012." 2012."the state has alreadd &pcertified morr than 47- thousand signatures. 3 it has one of the largest budgets in state government... p but tonight, auditors are painting an ugly picture highway dministration.... jeff abell shows us where you're dollars have been going. going. &p wherever there's roadwor there's a company wiihha lucrative cootract.... the work is highly ccmpetitive....and now....hhghly scrrtiiized. violltion of state ethhcs llws...." today, statt audittr bruce myers reeeased a 27-page aadit of the state
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highway administration.... and uncoverrd, what he believes, arr "potential a "lack of assurance" that the - contracts went to the most qualified firms. (9:32:27) (myers) "we don't ssa the state didn't receive services foo the monny but there are examplee where the purpose were used for different roved - purposes...." (9:48:20) auditing this aaency more than a year agoowhen a tip on the states fraud and abuse hotline alleged ther misuse of funds with two shaacontracts...." in one of those 16-million dollar contracts....1-and- a-half million dollars had been sed to cover other pxpenses....not spelled out in the cootract. (9:33:41) "if you're gonna change the scope of a project there'' a syssem in place to changeethe scooe of the project..." the audit also revvals how one company bidding ffr work here at tte s-h-a....was being solicited for charitable funds
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by an sha manager. and in anotherrcase, an sha a firm which he'd help procure a 16-million dollar project.. (9:51:38) "those two pmployees have eft....we want other people to understand these are very serious viioations and employees don't get to choose whether they follow those rules." the audit comes just hours after neil, pederssn stepped down as the sha administrator.... leaving the agency witt a &pstring of unanswered queetions.... jefffabell, ffx 45, newssat ten. auditoos have orwarded their findingssto theestate pttorney enerals office to violations.ible criminal ourrquestion of the day. we asked if you have ccnfidenne in the way tate government contracts are aaarddd? awarded?nathan general, there is a lack of
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transpprrncy about the process and theemore the public can scrutiniie the actual procees,, the more responsible the government will have to be. be.and mia writes..when u award someone $260,000 plus baltimore city r not learning annthiig i think tht iss fourth of july is árightá around the cornee --- and in catonsville --- residents are gearing up for monday's parade. folks are áalreadyá staking their claim -- lininggup llan chairs and blankets along he parade route.maay residents goo po extremms to get the best seat for one of the most &p"it's the prime parade, you gotta get a seat. you know, it's not right but it's what you have to do." settinn up chairs has been a long-running tradition in to kick off at 3 p-m on monday. want to get your fireworks fix. head to fox baltimore
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newsllnks, we have a listing of mosttof the major firewooks &pdiiplays in the arra. 3 3 "it's extremely frustratingg how the billion dollaa record lawsuit ruling is going oobe given to impacteddfamilies. 3 so when we say come early we mean pretty early the best strategies to make sure you get a prime spot on the beach or at the park this holiday weekend. and packing that bigger dent in your wallet. impacting sales.hol tax is
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3&pthey've been awarded 1.5- billiondollars in damages...followingthat gasolinn spill at an exxon-mmbil station.but as john rydell reports... homeownnrs impacted by that celebrattng.... yet - in jacksonville and phoenix...many residents share aacommon traii.they still have bottlld waterdelivered...courte syy...ffexxon mobil.(kukucka) "it's extremely rustrating, i mean we'rr using bottled water for everything, some of the chemicals in the gasoline leaked into the ground,,people don'' know what the longterm effects of thooe chemicals are." a baltimore county jury...has awarded1.5-billion compensatory more than 150 homeowners..urors founn exxon-mobil... liable for that spill ffur years ago attthestttion in jacksonville. 26-thousand gallons...leaked into the ground...contaimii atiigg..wwllss(sanders) "we
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apologized to the jacksonville community and we have eeoted numerous ecourcessto cleening it uu, investigating it and recovering."bbt exxon attorneys...say the oil company is not guilty f prying to cover up the spill. (ryyell) "residents say ttis spill has not only decimated &pthe value of their propeeties they're not even sure they can sell their houses and they say that's the case with one of about a year agowithout even putting their house on ttee market."(lazzaro) "i'm a ppdiatric nurse, i wouldn't cooscience."and residents...say this is the second timm an exxon station in jacksonvillesuffered a gasolinn leak...the last one... was back in the 80's. oops, wait a minute, oops e it 3 you're the biggesttcorporation profits of $11 billion dollars a quarter."and because exxon- appealing this decision...some ever...see any...of that money. in acksonville, john rydell, a separrte jury awarded
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millionsof dollars to another group of homeowners n jacksonvillee..following that same gasoline spill.but as well.and the ccse is still city schooll c-e-o signs on for another 4 more years. years.after almost year of &palonso signed a 260-thousand contract also includes a .the - ponthly 750 dollar car stipend and bonuses for school system improvements..lonso came to the city back in 2007. baltimore county has posted the sallries of more than 75-hundred employees online. &ponline.the records hoo polic chief im johnson is the highest paid --- earning over director of information nty is - technology ---with a baae pay
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earning positions are state's - &pattorney and ounty health want to learn more about the highest earned county &pemployees ----just head to fo baltimore dot com and clicc on hot topicc on our front ppge. the alcohol sales tax hike is noo inneffect across the state. the sales tax on beer, wine, and liquor has jumped ffom 6 percent to 9 percent. the tax hike was aaproved back in april.lawmmkkrs say he tax &pincrease as a better alteenaaive than a jump in shelf prices. the 50 percent increase issesttmatee to raise about 85 million dollars a year. wine shipmenn law also went ct - consumers can buy wine and have it shipped directly to their homes.comptroller peter franchot was the first peesoo in the state to test out the new bill --- just in time for the july 4th holiday. "this is really abbut freedom of choice for maryland consumers and the pursuit of
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haapiness for marylann's wineri" wineries."before --- wine enthusiasts were only able to buy through a retailer. if you ppan to head to one of fourth of july weekend... you this weekend... as more peoplee look for sun and saaings. &p3 start tt the fourth of uly ly wwekend for hundrees at sandy pere about ten wwen it opened up 54 kids enjoy some fun in the sun...nats of little dundalk girl and parents... areeso expensive down the aces &pbeaches and everyyhing 48 cindy love and her family from dundalk nnrmally head to ocean city during the july ffurth wwekend...but this year - they decided to take horter, less xpensive trip. cindy 20:53 we're off n fridays, so lee's try t so ttat's what pe're going to start doing now. worked out perfect 599ats of umbrella and they're not
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tte only ones. 8:11 my husband's a real estate agent so you know how the market is right now 4 acccrding to ttiple-a ... more americans arr expected to spend the holiddy closer to home this year - thanks toohigh gas prices and high unemplooment numbers. lonice 8:14 something and go out to a o beach or something but um myranda 26:41 and with so many people stayiig closer to homm, officials expect the state's beaches and parks to fill up quickly. so tteir message: get &phere early 50nita 24:16 oor parks can reach capacity as early as 9 o'clock in the morningg so when we say come early we mean pretty early 24 some of the parks are even set to open at 6-a--... to accomodate the expected becoming a new trend of fun at the beechh.. on a budget. 21:33 definitely we'll be back... it's close to hhme and something quick and easy and we enjoy it 400at andy point fox45 news at ten. 33 when you are hanging out this weekend, see it.. shoot it.. send it. videos to our website. go to
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foxbaltimore dot com and click at fox baltimore ddt com.t, sen theeweekend is finally here and it's goinn to be perfect grilling weether, at least tomorrow,meeeorolooist emily pracey has the details in your first look t the skywatch fore. forecast. 3 you can beein charge of your own peesonalized forecast.
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foxbaltimoreedot com. use the interactive tools to track coming stormssdown too your street. go to foxbaltiiore dot com slash i-radar 3- ed i didn't realize yoo were suchhan artist. artiss. a man who discovers a hidden talent after being diagnosed with a devaatating disease. how pe's over coming the odds to create beauty innthe face oo an ugly diagnosis. spending billions abroad while americans are hurting at home. wwy candidates are throwinggaround phe term, nation building and how it coold help you befooe
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imagiie if you had a hidden talent, that only revealed &pitself after you were diagnosed with a debilitating illness.a year ago, manyyof pou met a man who discovered his tallnt..... only when life took an unfortunate turn. tonight, he is till living happily with his wife and thrilled that the world shared his artistic journey. here's jennifer gilbert's emmy award winning cover story, "eddie's g" 3 eddieeand phyllis just
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celebrated their 60th eeding last weekend. at fox 45 we elieve it issimportant to tell he stories that inspire and impact ppople's liv. pives. for our fforts we are proud to tell you that for the third year in a row we are the most honored news operation out of not only the all of the washington d.c. stat. nominations, we took home 17 -
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awards,,an unprecedented effortt effort. we do it for you, as we strive for excelllnce inn television news every night. 3 coming up after the break --- new safety tips from the coast guard.why it's important to out on the waters. now is the time toofocus on nationnbuilding heee at hhme homeeand ---why the president ps sttessing the imporraace of "nation building" here in the u-s ann how it could benefit 3ur wounddd economy. - 3
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the gas prices are going down, they go back up again. we know saving money is important. this summer, shop with your giant card and save on shell fuel. earn one point for every dollar you spend. every 100 points earned gets you another 10 cents off per gallon. the more you spend, the more you save. i'm saving money at the store, i'm saving money at the pump, and that works for me. more savings every time you shop, only with your giant card. if you plan to head out on the
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water this fourth of july weekend the coost guard is reminning you ttoplay it safe. twelve boaters have diid on the watee in just the past few offfcials are keepiig a watchful eyy to keep yoo safe. officials stress the importance of wearing a life- jacket... saying it can be
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and death. 3 poltiics s full of buzz words! the latest: "nation building". the presideet hammered home with his youtube mmssage and his hope to ove nation building from afghanistaaaa& to here in the uus?but, what is 'nation building"a and why are we doing it here? jenniffr gilbert reports. -----pkg-----soo - obamaatc: 41--46many mericans are still hurting, and now ii theetime to focus on nation building here at home. b-roll 1 - file of us troopsit was the same message from the president when he annoonceddthe withdraw of 33-thousand troops from aaghanistan bb 2012.but, what does he really mean? afghanistan's president is clear what your tax dollars builttfor his country.sot hamid 1tc: 09-14 the united states as uilt roads for us, the united tates has built schools and cllnics foo uu..
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effect hamid 2tc 13--18ww are grattefl to every penny that the u.s. taxpayer hassgiien to afghanistan.take graphic - afghan spendingcrack open your check book.a senate foreign relations committee report released juen 8-th says the dollars a month ii aid to on spent $18.8 biilion dollars. mos sot reexsot - vatz filetc: 11:46-11:59we are now in a period where people are going to demand that we simply not be in foreign policy, in national iiterrst is not -3 b-roll 2 (obama shaking hands with troops)will "nation buidling here aa home" be the newest campaign theme?consider &pjune 22 - the ppesident said
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in a troop withdraw sseech, "america, it is time to focus on nation building herea t home."take graphicc- huntsmaa just one day earlier, june 21, the xact same phraae in sed vattz fiietc: 3:38 - 3:46 - the facc is that at least support all of these erestttoo - --obama.we need to do what's necessary to grow ur economy; create good, middle-class jobs; and ake it possible for all americans to pursueetheir pcaling back in afghanistan may not be a financiil windfall to fund 'antion buildiig at home". analysts say bringing troops home would save as llttle as seven billion doolars in 2012.i'm jennifer gilbert fox 45 news at ten while heepresident plans to withdraw 33-thousand troops from the effort n &pafghaniitan, he has not ssii whennthe other 88-thousand that rrmain could omeehome.
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coming up ----a scary situation on a beach in north a 10 year old is recovering after aa hark attack. and a surprising twist in the trial of former i-m-f chief dominique strauss kahn.why he's no longer unner house arrest. next.
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ñ÷ a scary situation on a north
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caaolina beach --- when a shark aatackedda young girl. girl.10 year ood cassidyy cartwright was standing in jjst 33feet of water when a phark dragged her under on sunday. witnesses described the scene as "bloody". cassidy's mother feared she may lose her leg. "when he pulled her out of the water, herrleg was justt wide open and it was just, a lot of " pulling on my leg, it didn't hurt at first it pullee me down and it hurt" hurt" doctors were able toosave the leg -- but cassidy willlneed several months to recover fully. 3the sex assaulttcase aaaanst forrer i-m-f chief ominique
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ptrauss kahn took a major turn. he was released from house arrest --- after his accuser's grand jury that she lied about her aacions áafterá thee alleged attack..strauss kahn pled not guilty after a housekeepee aa a new york hooel claimed he sexually assaulted her back in may. he still faces sex assault charges --- includingg attempted rape. 3 .a no-hit bid in the orioles game... sse if the o's couud avoid emmarrassment in attanta... nexttin sports unlimited...
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the orioles are overwhelmed by atlanta's starter... how close did he come to a no-hitter???... morgan adsit telll ussin sports unlimited... morgan... 3 coming up tonight onnsports unl. unlimited...jigh-air &pjurrjens... hearr of him???.. you'll know that name after tonight... the impressive outting he had against the orioles....brian matusz reacts to being sent down... what he hhpes to accomplish in